The Three Rivers Group of Parishes
Church of England - Diocese of Ely

Chippenham, Fordham, Isleham, Kennett, Snailwell




Three Rivers Group Role Tel
The Revd David Cleugh has been appointed Rector, he takes up his post on October 20. Rector Designate
Revd Sue Potts Associate Priest 01638-721662
Carol Taylor Licensed Lay Minister 
Mark Liversidge Authorised Lay Minister  (Music) Isleham 01638-781696
Carol Noble Group administrator 01638-721616
Wednesdays 9am-2.30pm.
Jenny Bowen Mothers' Union
Andrew Stephens Webmaster 01638-780229
Chippenham Role Tel.
Peter Maxwell Churchwarden 01638-720677
John Bridges Churchwarden  
Vacancy PCC chairman
Terri Roberts PCC secretary  
Emily Crane  PCC treasurer  
Deanery synod rep  
Terry Cross Choirmaster  
  Tower captain  
Andrew Stephens Webmaster 01638-780229
Fordham Role Tel.
Roger Palmer Churchwarden  
Jenny Bowen Churchwarden  
Vacancy PCC chairman
Jane Foulds PCC secretary
Trevor Hill PCC treasurer  
Deanery synod rep  
Lydia Cant Choirmaster  
Lydia Cant Organist  
Roger Palmer Tower captain  
Andrew Stephens Webmaster 01638-780229
Kennet Role Tel.
Mary Deary Churchwarden  
Betty Lomas Churchwarden
Vacancy PCC chairman
Betty Lomas PCC secretary  
John Bridges PCC treasurer  
Mary Deary Deanery synod rep  
Stephen Taylor Organist
Andrew Stephens Webmaster 01638-780229
Isleham Role Tel.
Rob Savage Churchwarden 01638-780218
Kathy Carver Churchwarden
Sue Mallett Deputy churchwarden  
Vacancy PCC chairman
Gill Savage PCC secretary 01638-780218
Richard May PCC treasurer
Ruth Ogden Deanery synod rep.  
Mark Liversidge Deanery synod rep. 01638-781696 
Mark Liversidge Choirmaster 01638-781696
Jenny Flatt Organist  
Kathy Carver/Nettie May Junior church 01638-781116
Ruth Ogden Tower captain  
Andrew Stephens Webmaster 01638-780229
Snailwell Role Tel.
Maureen Howes Churchwarden 01638-577456
Michael Wallis Churchwarden 01638-577745
Vacancy PCC chairman
c/o churchwardens PCC secretary  
Robin Hood PCC treasurer  
Vacancy Deanery synod rep.  
David Potts (violin)
Stephen Taylor (organ)
Andrew Stephens Webmaster 01638-780229

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